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jsmedia_logo.jpgThanks for indulging me as I take a moment to do a little self-promotion. I have redesigned and relaunched my consulting website, Jigsaw Media at, and am now actively pursuing clients and new work.

The site has languished for some time with little or no self-promotion, but due to recent events and an expanding range of services (like DVD authoring and such), I’ve decided to give it another go.

For those of you in need of web or DVD services, or know someone who does, please send them my way. Also any feedback is most appreciated.

Also feel free to visit ELMAfilms, a small film production company I started with my good friend Mark D’Elicio.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. 🙂

Post by ILO on 06/09/05 at 12:05 am
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One Response to “Now a Moment from Our Sponsor…”

  1. Art Says:

    JSMedia Site looks great. I hope you get plenty of hits and make oodles of $$$ so you can finance even more films and have time to write more stories and short films.

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