Kitten Survives, Clings to Life

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In Santa Rosa, CA late last week, a small kitten was found burning to death in a small cage. While still alive, the kitten, now named Adam, is barely hanging on. As a pet owner, and a cat owner in particular, I was moved and angered by the story. Apparently two girls watched, laughing, as the kitten was burning alive, and thankfully Adam was soon rescued by a kind neighbor.

While a small local story, much smaller than navigationally-challenged whale story that unfairly dominated the news some weeks back, I still feel compelled to write about it. I’m saddened that people will sit idly by, even worse, take pleasure in a defenseless, tiny, animal crying for life in front of them. Speaks ill of the children, and frankly of the parents as well, oh, and society too.

Part of me hopes that the girls and whomever decided to end Adam’s life that day, are caught (there is $6000 reward and counting), and given more than a small taste of what Adam experienced that day.

If you wish to donate to the welfare of Adam or find out how he is doing, please visit Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County. I am sure any support you can provide would be of great help to Adam and those taking care of him as they do a great service for our community.

Post by ILO on 06/27/07 at 2:25 pm
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9 Responses to “Kitten Survives, Clings to Life”

  1. stacey Says:

    omg i hate hearing stuff like this because it makes me feel physically ill. *hugs you and adam*

  2. mark mcgratj Says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach…I will beat the shit out of those little bitches if I get my hands on them

  3. David Campbell Says:

    Stories like this make me mad (thank god we have people like yourself on this planet) –

    Those two girls are obviously very sick individuals -I’d probably be in prison for a double murder now If I’d caught them…

    I think my anger would have been uncontrollable.

  4. Jason Says:

    You animal freaks make me sick! Your worse than the two girls who burned the animal. Your a hypocryte if you advocate burning (as tha author indicates) or beating or even killing the girls in return. What the girls did was wrong, wrong, wrong and inhumane! But how twisted are YOU when you’d gladly maim or kill two HUMAN BEINGS!!! You’re all f-ing sick!!!

  5. joanna Says:

    Well,maybe killing the girls is a bit harsh,i would do the same as what they did to the kitten,let them live all burend up! maybe only than people will think twice about doing anything like this in the future! im not an animal freak,i do love them however,but i do not agree that its ok to torture them! the girls knew exactly what they were doing and they deserve to be punished a lot harsher than the law allowes!

  6. Mike Says:

    Sorry, but the only thing those wicked girls deserve is to get petrol poured over their f… bodies and be set afire. Animals are MUCH BETTER than human beings!

  7. zairfan Says:

    I hate hearing about stuff like this, it breaks my heart to imagine the fear and pain that animal went through. I know if I was the one that found a kitten burning alive while two girls sat there laughing at it as it screams for dear life, I would proboly destroy them. I know that would be the wrong thing to do and doing that would make me as bad as them, but I could not let them go unpunished. It sadens me to think that evil people like that are out there. those girls knew what they were doing so they need to experience the pain that the kitten went though. God bless you for helping that poor defenseless kitten. That baby never did anything wrong. I wish everybody had a heart like you. Please give Adam a hug and kiss from me. god bless you all!

  8. Jack tors Says:

    I would just feed those two apes to a bunch of Hungry LARGER cats 😉

  9. Carla Says:

    I agree with Jason. Anyone calling for the girls to be burned or killed is as sick in the head as those two demented girls. It’s a damn shame what those freaks did to that poor cat, but seriously, there’s no need for all that. They need to be institutionalized or do some hard time.

    Remember, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” I hate cliches but that surely fits here.

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