Speechless! Well Not Really

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Check out this video portrait of future Republican leadership by Max Blumenthal. While I am not sure it is entirely representative of the right-leaning youth in this country, it is a veritable slice of it.

Be sure to watch for Tom DeLay in the video… it’s priceless.

Feedback positive and negative, is of course, encouraged.

Post by ILO on 07/19/07 at 3:10 pm
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One Response to “Speechless! Well Not Really”

  1. Chad Belicena Says:

    Watched it and enjoyed, well, pitied the ignorance of these youngsters. It’s like some kind of cult where you are brainwashed in believing the ideologies of these war mongers.

    I enjoyed watching that kid when he went sort of freakin’ out about what that homophobe c*&! sad about “what God intended us to be”. He’s officially ventured into the fabulous life, and what about…

    Tom DeLay. See here’s what happens when you’ve inhaled so much pesticide before moving on to another job. Lesson #1 — We need to convert to a more eco-friendly pesticides OR you’ll end up like Tom DeLay who’s showing early signs of cognitive deterioration.

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