Citizens Against Sarah Palin

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Just a quick note heading into Labor Day weekend. McCain’s announcement has caught most everyone by surprise, especially the media. And the more I look over her record, the more she frightens me, particularly if she’s one heart beat away from the presidency.

I’ve created a Facebook group called Citizens Against Sarah Palin. Hopefully it can capture the sentiment of those questioning her candidacy and focus attention on her failings and lack of qualifications. If your on Facebook, check it out.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Post by ILO on 08/29/08 at 5:37 pm
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7 Responses to “Citizens Against Sarah Palin”

  1. Carl D Says:

    I find it so shocking that so many rally behind the call for equal rights between men and women and yet if it happens to be someone who is a republican, all of a sudden it is a danger. It amazes me even Hillary stopped short of criticizing Sarah’s credability, because she is smart not hell bent on silinceing the right of people to choose . Also your argument that she lacks qualification should more readily apply to Messiah Barrack Obama. He needed fireworks, Rock stars, Hollywood and Roman emporer like collumns at the convention. You don’t even know Sarah Palin and yet you so wrongly stand against her. She out of unselfish behaviour has chosen to give her baby son life and not just live for herself, this alone is very noble. She is raising 4 children and has raised one already along with her husband. She is more in touch with most Americans than you think and has a higher approval raiting than any other public official.
    It just doesn’t matter to party line people. Being a union member is not enough, being blue collar is not enough. even having inlaws that were union teachers is not enough. So please drop the not enough expreience montra, it holds no water with most Americans. Saint Obama, who I have personally wittnessed telling numerious lies is not this contries saviour of change and certainly not Biden he is a Washington insider that has not changed his entire time as committee advisor over neumerious falled committees and policies. It saddens me that so many listen to the media and hollywood hype about good people that take a stance against corruption and the same old high taxes and big government. The masses that follow barrack as messiah will watch our economy fall back even more if he is lected and please while the criticisim flows against Sarah Palin try to include the do nothing congress that Nancy Pelosi resides over and incidently it makes me very sad that people like my father inlaw say Democrats are for the poor , when the Dems in the house and senate have far more money than the Republicans and if they cared so much for the poor, they wouldn’t tax us into the poor house. Ask Nancy pelosi why she needs 626 million dollars. Look it up yourself and see it is deception. Also this Idea that democrates are for minorities is also hog wash, it was the southern democrates that were the good old boys and even some members of the senate being in the klu klux clan. There are many fine people who are minorities that are concervative. Just because we have a different opinion than those who find issues like abortion and gay marrage sacrocinct does not mean we are scarry and evil. If you choose life many women and men that hunger to be moms and dads , but cannot have a child of their own would be fulfilled and have a family they always longed for. But this will not happen the rallying cry is always choice, what about teh choice of those that cannot speak. rip the consiquences of your actions out of your womb so you can have the life you want. Suffer the innocent because of selfish desires. God help us all until we once again find a balance between right and wrong in this nation and stand for what is right not selfish desires and me, me, me. Images of someone are not truth just hype, Sarah Palin is an open book and stands for principle and I think those that think she is a bad choice and scarry better look out because she is going to win the debates and she is going to help win the election that’s why so many are so afraid because truth will prevail and a person of substanence and a back bone not just saying change and no action just inflamitory speach will prevail and win over Hi taxes and more government run burrocricies. It was so unny how so many in the enws media were so shocked and red face with anger and fear, that such a young inteligent noteworthy and incidently beutiful, likeable person could be both a woman and a vice President. Who is really the boys club. If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. Sarah Palin is the right choice and she will be a great vice president and some day president, she is a real american and more than you think we Americans will see this and vote for Mccain in November because seh is on board. I have talked to so many independants that were not voting for Mccain and now they are since Sarah is on board and I have talked to libratarians who now are voting for Mccain. It is a win win situation, so let the media like vulters cry over their prey and deceive some but not all are falling for it we Love Sarah Palin a great American.

  2. Elvis Says:

    Carl, first of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to stop by and letting your opinions be known. That being said, I couldn’t disagree with you more, and am sorry that you have chosen to drink the Koolaid that Faux News and Karl Rove has so lovingly put out on the table.

    Carl, I’m sure you believe Barack is too inexperienced to be President. While I certainly don’t agree, picking an experienced Vice President is always prudent choice, don’t you think? Perhaps someone like Joe Biden. I think it shows good judgement, don’t you? Well, maybe not. Let me try again.

    People on the right always espouse McCain’s vast experience and judgement. So how did that experience figure in his deliberations over who should be his VP?

    1. Pick a candidate he’s met only once.
    2. Pick a candidate with NO foreign policy or national security experience.
    3. Pick a candidate currently under investigation for ethics violations.
    4. Pick a candidate with no experience about the inner workings of Washington

    Doesn’t sound like much of a vetting process does it. Doesn’t sound like good judgement to me. Would you ask a teenager, who has never babysitted before, that you met briefly at a party and has been accused by local authorities of drinking under age, to watch your child? But what if they were a devout Christian who was against abortion. Sure Carl says, sign me up. My baby’s safe.

    Give me a break Carl. You’d never leave your child with them. Neither would I. Not even my cat But you’ll vote for McCain and Palin under similar circumstances, because you share their moral values. But there is far more at stake than your children. It’s all of our children. And as Christian, I am disappointed you don’t see that.

    Carl, I could go on and on like you did. I could talk about how I disagree with Palin on a number of her views including abortion, creationism in schools, global warming, etc. But I won’t. Not because I can’t. Not because I don’t have anything to say. Carl, it’s that you’ve already lost, and you’re not worth the time saving. I hate to say that. But its clear you’ve made up your mind and there’s no way around it. So I’ll do us both a favor and not waste any more of our time. Perhaps in a few years under a Barack Obama administration, when your taxes are lower, our troops are coming home, the price of oil is lower due to alternative fuel sources, and you don’t have to pay for health insurance anymore, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get it.

    Until then, you’re a lost cause.

  3. Marsha Says:

    Chosing Sarah P was the most idiotic choice. How can McCain serioulsy be thinking of becoming president when he chooses people of questionable character to run as his vp? I can just imagine that whiney little voice if she has to meet with other world leaders, this is sexism, this is fact, she doesn’t measure up! gawd help America. Well, keep this in mind, stupid people get stupid presidents. Need confirmation of that? Just look at the past eight years.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I am outraged at the choice of Palin as VP. This woman will set the women of America back 35 yrs. I, As a working poor single mother, cannot afford ANYONE telling me how many children i can afford to feed. With hard decisions between food or gas, health care or heat. Mc Cain and Palin both seem to be out of touch with what the average American is going through on a day to day basis. How can you NOT know how many houses you own? HOW can you say that 5 million and up is rich?? I dream of an extra 1,000 a month. 5 Million? That’s not even real money anymore.

    I cannot FATHOM voting for Mc Cain when i know the chances of him dying and HER becoming President are high. She’s sarcastic and mocking to the important non-profit organizations that this country’s poor and sick depend on for assistance. The people that are involved in these movements do major changes to the American lifestyle, and it’s an insult to the American people to say that there are no skills or experience being drawn off of to accomplish something as heroic as creating a grass roots movement.

    And let’s return to the Bullying. I remember another bully and his name is DICK CHENNEY. Once again we’re going to get someone that bullies her ex family, agrees to a bridge to nowhere, then later, voted against it. Takes pot shots at anyone that differs from her line of thinking, yet whines when other people judge her voting record against the values of her family. Her daughter is off limits? I THINK NOT when you ran off a ticket of absinence only in schools. Your daughter is the example of your values, and She’s only proving that she will be a burden on society. Thus making your VALUES a burden on society.

    She bullied officials in Alaska trying to get her ex-brother in law canned because of a custody battle.

    And then you ask yourself, if she would do these things, then what happens when the American people try to hold her accountable for decisions she make in office?

    I know what will happen. We will, once again, have to get the courts and the legislative branch’s to spend years issuing supeona’s and being stone walled by the executive cabinet.

    I myself am going to vote for the ticket that wants to compromise. That will try to be as honest and fair as they can about the running of my country. I want a president that is closer to my income level, and has worked their hearts out for the poor around them. The president that feels my pain at the pump, cries with me when my friend’s go off to fight a war that shouldn’t be, and will comfort me when my health insurance won’t pay for a toothache that has been infected for months. I believe Obama will do this. He already has in many ways by sticking to the issues that matter to me. I have yet to hear Mc Cain or Palin address any of them.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Carl, learn how to spell.

  6. Jim Says:

    Sarah – ‘closer to your income level’???? Are you for real? Don’t kid yourself – the Obama’s are QUITE WEALTHY. Just because he says he understands the middle class, doesn’t make him a member of it.

  7. janine Says:

    Tonight, when the day’s work is done and you have retired for the night, take a few seconds to whisper these words: President Palin, President Palin, President Palin, ……….. SCARY, isn’t it.

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