Out of State Mormons donate $3 Million MORE to Prop 8

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Fred Karger of Californian’s Against Hate issued a press release today announcing Mormon contributions now account for $22 million of all donations received in support of Proposition 8. Three million in the past week alone. And two million of that from the 8 major donors below:

Alan Ashton, Lindon, Utah – $1,000,000
Hartford Holdings, Provo, Utah – $300,000
David Moon, Alpine, Utah – $200,000
Michelle Adams Watterson, Cache, Utah – $100,000
Roger Bayer, Salt Lake City, Utah – $100,000
Katharine, Garff, Bountiful, Utah, – $100,000
Belinda Vandersloot, Idaho Falls, Idaho $100,000
The Vineyard Group (Cardon & Haitt Families), Mesa, Arizona $100,000

From Karger’s press release:

Now with the additional $3 million of late Mormon money contributed over the last 9 days added to the $19.15 million previously given by over 59,000 Mormon families, the new total is over $22 million. This makes Prop. 8 the largest Mormon political undertaking in the 178 year history of the Mormon Church.

The audacity of Mormons who have a long history of discrimination, and who are now investing so much time and money into stripping away our rights here in California, is truly astonishing. When the dust settles and Proposition 8 has either won or lost, their role in this election must be rigorously examined. We must determine whether or not any religious entity should be able exert so much influence and power in the political process, without consequences. Revoking their tax exemption status perhaps?

Again I ask, will we let them do this? Please vote No on 8.

Visit Californian’s Against Hate to view the entire release.

Post by ILO on 11/03/08 at 1:53 am
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5 Responses to “Out of State Mormons donate $3 Million MORE to Prop 8”

  1. Jason Andrews Says:

    Well, it is their money. If someone has the desire to support a bill/proposition/movement and they put their own money towards the cause, more power to them. Money does not equal votes.

  2. mutard7 Says:

    I’m pretty sure you’ll find that all of those individual donors pay taxes. You’ll also find, if you look at the actual numbers instead of a press release from Californians Against Hate, that the largest out-of-state contributors are on the “No” side. The L.A. Times does a nice job of tracking the money: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-moneymap,0,2198220.htmlstory

    If you click over to “Track contributors,” you can sort by several categories, including the size of donations. Of those from outside California donating a million dollars or more, you’ll see four who oppose Prop 8, one in favor. And on the overall contributions, there’s twice as much coming from out of state on the “No” side as on the “Yes” side.

    There’s more than a little cherry picking going on in the press release.

  3. mutard7 Says:

    Editing my previous comment: the L.A. Times posted up-to-date numbers today (Nov. 3rd). The “yes” money from out of state has indeed caught up some, although the out of state “no” funding still leads by $2 million. Interestingly, if you look at just California contributions, it’s almost dead even.

  4. jfiosi Says:

    “We must determine whether or not any religious entity should be able exert so much influence and power in the political process, without consequences.” Unless I am mistaken, the donors mentioned were individuals and companies. There was no mention of any direct church donation. So, why this focus on a religious entity? Besides, doesn’t the “religious entity” have a say in what is arguably a moral issue for many people?

  5. iva Says:

    members of any congregation have a right to give money towards anything they choose. it is part of standing up for what you believe in. i am happy that these ppl (whether mormon or not) took a part in something they felt was important and did it in a LAWFUL manner. The same goes for those who donated money and who were voting NO for prop 8. maybe other gay activist should follow the example you have set and stop with the bullying.

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