Dustin Lance Black wins best Original Screenplay Oscar for Milk

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It’s hard not to be moved to tears… Here is a quote from Black’s acceptance speech…

When I was 13 years old, my beautiful mother and my father moved me from a conservative Mormon home in San Antonio, Texas, to California, and I heard the story of Harvey Milk. And it gave me hope. It gave me the hope to live my life; it gave me the hope that one day I could live my life openly as who I am and that maybe even I could fall in love and one day get married…

Most of all, if Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he’d want me to say to all of the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than by their churches, or by the government, or by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value. And that no matter what everyone tells you, God does love you, and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights federally across this great nation of ours.

Post by ILO on 02/22/09 at 7:31 pm
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One Response to “Dustin Lance Black wins best Original Screenplay Oscar for Milk”

  1. Avonelle Says:

    We WERE moved to tears, here at home. I thought the bravery and joy and celebration of “be who you are” was exemplified at last night’s ceremony.

    And, where else would you see Micky Rourke and that newest tooth of his? Dressed as formally as he is able… (OK, that was too sarcastic, I’ll stop now.)

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