Really? Anita Bryant’s not dead? WTF?

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As horrible as it sounds, I’ve always taken a small measure of comfort in thinking Anita Bryant, who worked so tirelessly in the 70s to strip gays and lesbians of their human rights and reduce them to second class citizens, was no longer with us. Which is not the same as wishing them dead, not exactly anyway.

I guess I’ve been living under a rock. I was wrong. Terribly wrong.


NOTE: Image above links to Anita Bryant’s news page, as their home page doesn’t appear properly in all browsers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And it looks like she may be up to her old tricks and more… (via Gossip Boy)

And in case we need to be reminded…

Post by ILO on 03/16/09 at 10:44 am
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23 Responses to “Really? Anita Bryant’s not dead? WTF?”

  1. Chad Says:

    This post gives me the jeepers-creepers. To know that this harbinger of hate is still alive scares the bejesus out of me. Her second husband doesn’t sound like he’s up to any good also. It seems like nothing good comes out of Oklahoma right now, not only do you have hate-monger Sally Kern, you also have the hate-festering ministry of Anita Bryant.

  2. Kay Says:

    This woman is beyond scary! I have no clue how someone can look at such a huge collective group of individuals that are in the gay community, and preach that they are all sick and degenerates!? WTF? if you ask me her highly praised religion has made her sick and mentally unstable. Why does someone want so badly to teach hate? Religion seems to be the excuse, and in my opinion the sickest affliction of all. I am not a gay person, yet I am outraged at what this woman stands for! As we all should be. She teaches nothing but hate, fear and nonacceptance! She truly is a monster!

  3. John Says:

    I do not hope that Ms. Bryant is dead. Death will provide a peace that she denied others with all her heart and considerable efforts. I do hope she’s as unhappy as she strived to make so many people. I also hope that the closeted members of her family have disowned her- as she convinced many parents to do to their own children.

  4. Bill Says:

    She is not dead YET?…Well when she does die Harvey Milk will be waiting for her..what a horrible woman spreading her hatred.

  5. Ashlee Says:

    I don’t think God is proud of her ministries, he would never endorse stripping any of his “children” of their rights. He made every gay man and gay woman, as well as every straight man or wonan. She is just ignorant. People like that are not scarry they are just idiots.

  6. Dobieman Says:

    What’s perhaps even more frightening than finding her still breathing is that her clone, Sarah Palin, is out making speeches and money. As a resident of Alaska for 40+ years I have to apologize for our foisting her upon an unsuspecting nation. Honest….we thought by now she would crash and burn from her own special brand of idiocy and incompetence but apparently there’s a market for even those inabilities.

  7. John Says:

    Typical hypocritical HATE spread by the gay community wishing someone dead.

    And to the stupid fool who said Milk would be waiting for her when she dies…if you had ANY brain at all you would know that Milk is in Hell. Anita will be greeted in Heaven, thank you very much!

  8. Janlyn Says:

    Dear John:
    I find you truculent and impertinent. The only fool on this post is you. Hell will be waiting for you for finding the nerve to judge others. I, for one, will be hosting a party when this sad, hateful, non-significant person leaves the planet. Song will ring out from my home in the tune of “Ding dong the witch is dead!” I hope you enjoy your time with the woman who thinks she can sing and certainly can’t sell orange juice.

  9. Doug Says:

    To John:

    What about the Bible phrase, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Seems like both Anita Bryant and you do not understand that phrase.

    Bryant preaches hate just like radicals in any religion. No one should judge her, she should just be ignored.

  10. EBJ Says:

    What nobody gives Anita Bryant credit for is that she single-handedly raised the issue of child molestation. The entire topic was a huge dark secret prior to her work. Before her, molested children simply kept silent. She raised awareness, and untold numbers of children are protected today. Much more needs to be done, but she is the one who started it. My thanks to her.

  11. YHH Says:

    Someday, her name’s gonna be used as a horror story to scare kids. And masks are gonna be made looking like her for halloween :3 Bloody Mary has nothing against the WRATH OF ANITA BRYANT! BAHAHAHAHAH!!

  12. Celeste Says:

    True Evil Never Dies. Fortunately it can be made to suffer. I say we all get together and serve the bitch some steaming hot pie in the way she’s accustomed to eating it.

  13. Edgar Douglas Foster Says:

    I’m Anti-Abortion, Anti-gayrights, Pro-Israel, and Old Fashion Christian Values.

  14. Celeste Says:

    Don’t you just love how bigots always hide behind their bibles. Hate is not a christian value it is ignorant and an insult to Christ. If you want to claim to be a christian then take a minute to actually read your bible instead of just thumping on it.

  15. Ron Says:

    Don’t bring up the bible people, geez you can use that for anything. Like in-anyone who works on sunday should be killed, a new bride must be a virgin or killed, on and on.

  16. Nancy Trout Says:

    I completely agree Celeste. Hatred is NOT a Christian value. For you zealots out there, please at least have the courage to admit that your narrow-minded hatred is your own – not God’s.
    And no, I’m not gay. I’m a 53 year old RN, mother and grandmother who taught her children and will teach her grandchildren to be open and accepting and that God’s love does not discriminate against ANYONE. – Namaste – PS I just E Mailed Anita B “ministries” the same comment. I would LOVE to debate with her in person.

  17. Leo Says:

    You people have made this planet hostile for us. She should probably watch the movie “Prayers for Bobby”. If she has a heart, she will understand.

  18. Kay Says:

    They ALWAYS hide behind their bibles!!! they seem to think that validates their hate. But the only people that buy into that are the others that have been brain washed in the name of religion. And, if your soooooooo into your religion and your God then how is it even possible for such hatred to be an option for anything??? So put away your bibles and open your eyes. People are people and what they do with their own lives is none of your concern. No one is knocking on your door to see what goes on in your bedroom are they? And if they did I bet you’d lie about really happenes in there wouldn’t ya. Cause guess what it’s none of there damn business, is it? But yet you think you can judge others for what they do, because you use that damn bible as your shield. Time for a new perspective on things.

  19. Leo Says:

    Well said Kay.

  20. James Says:

    The ‘still not dead’ gag as satire dates back at least to the days of “National Lampoon” magazine and the early “Saturday Night Live” sketches.

    It may have reached it’s apex with the joke about the (then) recently deceased Francisco Franco. It went ‘Francisco Franco rose from the dead today … just to show everyone he could really do it.’

    When someone has carved out for themselves a heinous role in history and it is evident, don’t expect satirists to go easy. Nor should they!

  21. MaxC Says:

    She may be many things to many different people but first and foremost she is a dead beat who doesn’t pay her bills. She has creditors all over the country. She hides behind her crusade but she owes everyone and everyone continues to look for her. Pay your bills Anita and stop free-loading of small businesses.

  22. Jody Says:

    I can never stress it enough, But people like this Bitch has only made us stronger.

  23. Zaragoza Says:

    What a scary woman!

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