Miss California comes out against gay marriage … loses Miss USA 2009

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Miss California comes out against gay marriageOn tonight’s Miss USA Pageant, Miss California was asked by Judge Perez Hilton if other states should follow Vermont’s lead by legalizing same-sex marriage. Here’s her answer.

Miss California is actually Carrie Prejean, a junior at San Diego Christian College. Her favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That strength must have forsaken her tonight. Honestly I’m not sure how much of the judging is done in advance, but could her homophobic answer have cost Prejean the crown?

Perez Hilton responds, as only Perez can…

UPDATE: Pageant audience reactions from AP

Some in the audience cheered, others booed. The answer sparked a shouting match in the lobby after the show.

“It’s ugly,” said Scott Ihrig, a gay man, who attended the pageant with his partner. “I think it’s ridiculous that she got first runner-up. That is not the value of 95 percent of the people in this audience. Look around this audience and tell me how many gay men there are.”

Charmaine Koonce, the mother of Miss New Mexico USA Bianca Carla, argued back.

“In the Bible it says marriage is between Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!”

It just keeps getting better and better…

Post by ILO on 04/19/09 at 10:16 pm
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21 Responses to “Miss California comes out against gay marriage … loses Miss USA 2009”

  1. Mark Brafford Says:

    My country, Her Country, she seems kind of confused,did she mean state? people can choose, but not for me and my family. I guess choose to move was her meaning. Left me dizzy. How did she make it through the Miss California Contest?

  2. Some Guy Says:

    Ok, she’s an asshole for wanting the state to deny equal rights, but whoever thought it would be a good idea to ask a slab of meat some political questions should be slapped upside the head. This “competition” is all about how these bubbleheads look in bikinis. Trying to make them anything else is just asinine.

  3. Random Thoughts Says:

    To Some Guy – I think it is just fair game to ask political questions. Kelly Monaco asked a political question about tax payers money used as bail out. It’s fair game.

  4. blackcupcake Says:

    she didn’t answer the point of the question “Do you think every state should follow suit?” that was the main part of it rather than her opinion im glad that she didnt win

  5. Marianne Says:

    What’s REALLY ridiculous is that bigotry is STILL alive and well in this nation of ours. Carrie Prejean is just the latest in a long line of bigots who would deny people their basic civil rights simply because they dislike someone’s race, beliefs, or sexual orientation.

    All unions should become Civil Unions; if individual Churches want to hold “marriage” ceremonies, that’s their right.

    Memo to the so-called “God Squad”: You don’t have a clue what Jesus actually taught, or you wouldn’t be acting the way you are.

  6. Steve Says:

    It’s ridiculous how this girl states her opinion and suddenly all these people point her as someone who hates gay people or gay marriages. She answered a question stating her opinion. I agree she did not answer the question asked but she just stated an opinion. But she didn’t attack or hate on anyone. Done deal. Shut up about it, she did nothing wrong.

    Why are people listening to and supporting a troubled angry gay man?

  7. Racheal Says:

    National TV showing him calling her a B**ch? Thanks. Well, here is another show I am not watching again. If anyone cared what she thought, it would be on radio – its on tv for a reason. I agree with Matt Lauer, this isn’t politics, it jiggle time. We need a new spokeswoman, not the queen of bad media. Perez is a D-Bag.

  8. Marissa Says:

    This is what is offending people? Seriously?

    The way people have been talking about this, I was expecting to see Miss California lash out with some small-minded insult. Instead, she was asked a question about a controversial subject and gave a calm, honest answer.

    And THIS is what offends you?

    Wait, lemme get this right. You would rather have her be dishonest in front of America and share a fake opinion that aligns with your own just because she noticed gay men in the audience? And you’d find that LESS offensive?

    Or perhaps what you’re really saying is that you want everyone to agree with you – that she shouldn’t have that opinion to begin with. Forgive me, but THAT sounds like the definition of bigotry.

    Religion aside, this was an honest answer offered in a non-threatening manner. I invite those who can’t respect that to take a serious look at why they are defensive to the point of discrimination.

  9. ml Says:

    So be open minded as long as you agree with me, is that it? She was asked a deliberately loaded question for which there are two answers- I’m for it and I’m against it. So the idea is , we’re going to ask you, and you’d better be for it.

    She said she thought it was great that people had the option, so she’s not preventing anyone from doing anything. But she also said that the way she was raised, marriage is a man and a woman. Why is EVERY traditional opinion called bigoted but calling a religious person a Jesus Freak or Religious Nut is ok? They disagree with you, they’re assholes, you disagree with them and you’re correct? What a wonderful world you live in.

    She has every right to disagree with gay marriage. She’s not out there protesting you. She just has her own opinion, which by the way, 50% of America has, and no it’s not just the ‘red necks’ or whatever derogatory term you were about to pull out. So long as she is not directly interfering with you, she has the the right to believe and say what she wants and too damned bad if you don’t like it.

    And before someone says that she is interfering by voting against gay marriage, who says she did? You can be ‘not for’ something without specifically being AGAINST it. Maybe she stayed out of it, and would have stayed out until that nobody Hilton tried to corner her. And if she did vote, so what? She’s not enforcing anything. A vote is the government asking you to anonymously give your opinion on something. That’s all.

    There are people out there that will not like you kids. It doesn’t make them bad, just different from you. Stop throwing tantrums and just get on with your life.

  10. musicdivaSF Says:

    IMO, this intelligence-deprived SoCal Anita Bryant DID NOT answer the question – that is WHY she lost to Miss North Carolina. If that other contestant answered the universal health care question correctly, this one would have not gone as far as the first runner-up. Que horror!!
    I agree she gave her opinion, a jaw-dropping and lousy one, but that’s all it is. Now The Donald called her to his Trump Tower to probably tell her that she’s fired, basically reminding her that she is not the winner, so move aside!
    What can I say, welcome to CA. Land of the fruits, nuts and your homegrown 101% bigots!

  11. maccallister Says:

    now i finally see perez hilton!hehehe

    wonder why she even became a runner up!

  12. Nameless Says:

    I’ll telll you why she became runner up.I agree with her. She gave a truthful answer. Marriage was created for a man and a woman.God made it this way. That’s why homos can not reproduce children. If she didn’t make it farther in the pagent because of her answer than America needs help. As well as the people who wrote negative comments about her OPPINION!!!!

  13. Mitch Says:

    To Nameless: When was the last time you dined with God you ignoramus? Ever heard of a spell-check? Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one. Your opinion is that OF an ass hole!

  14. makayla Says:

    i think miss usa california was right. a functional family should have a mom and dad, husband and wife, man and women. god created men and weman to love and be together for a reason.

  15. ml Says:

    “That’s why homos can not reproduce children.”?!?

    That is not true, first of all. Gay women can certainly give birth and gay men can father children. Also, what about heterosexuals who cannot have children. What intelligent 1950’s term do you have for them?

    Do you understand that YOU are the reason that Liberals think that all Conservatives are close minded jackasses?

    I am a Conservative myself and was raised believing that marriage is a man and a woman, but I do not begrudge anyone from living their lives or resort to crudities. I am NOT in the same boat as you. I am Conservative. You are an idiot.

    Ok, maybe that was a crudity, but it was well earned.

  16. JoAnn Dorman, Nashville, Tenn. Says:

    Here it is in plain english. This is America thousands have died to provide us the freedom to think beleive and say what we choose. It is anti american and double standard for gay’s to insist we just go along with their gayness. If they are gay fine, if I am not fine. Carrie Prejean has a right to beleive her convictions the same as Perez Hilton. Anyway good girl Carrie.

  17. drake Says:

    Really she should have won it was an opinion question so as long as she gave her opinion she shouldn’t be wrong. This just shows how prejudice all the pro-homosexuals are!!

  18. jaybird Says:

    Please my brothers & sistas Why get upset at these obvious idiots that post negative comments on whether or not we can marry or have children. these comments come from obviously small minded breeders that have nothing better to do but look on gay web sites and start trouble!. No, I have nothing against breeders they are great especially at 350 degrees with an apple in their mouths! and without breeders there could be no more queens & queenttes being born! Ultimately that would mean no more fashion! What an ugly place the world would be. So can’t we all just get along? O’ ya and for Miss California Thing who in the hell even remembers her name now? OKAY! My mother used to say” Why do you get so mad at these people in 6 months you won’t even remember these people or their names”? How true, how true!

  19. Adam Says:

    well first off it doesnt matter what the bible says because guess what not everyone follows the bible…. shocking isnt it, you cant outlaw gay marriage just because of your religion thats against the law its called separation of church and state….duh

  20. Leo Says:

    To all who quote the Bible: The Bible says “Only the righteous shall inherit Heaven”. The Bible also says “If we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves”, “No one is righteous”. So all you people out there no matter how pure and perfect you claim to be…you are still going to hell! Why are you juding the gay community when you are already doomed!

  21. DaWayne Costello Says:

    I really love your blog. It has great information for the LGBT community as well as supporters. Thank you for your words and I look forward to following you for a long time. Please check out mine as well. http://www.dawaynecostello.com

    God Bless You!

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