Bronx teen hates cats, roasted ex-roommate’s kitten

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Tiger LilyNever  in a million years did I think I would be on this topic again, but in another case of horrendous animal cruelty, a Bronx teen was arrested yesterday for throwing her ex-roommate’s kitten into the oven until it burned to death. From the NY Daily News:

“I hate cats,” Cheyenne Cherry, 17, allegedly told investigators when asked about the heartless crime.

She and an unidentified juvenile allegedly broke into Valerie Hernandez’s Tinton Ave. apartment on May 6 and trashed the place.

Then in a shocking act of animal abuse, they tossed the woman’s kitten, Tiger Lily, into the stove and cranked up the temperature, ASPCA assistant director Joe Pentangelo said.

The duo bolted from the apartment with DVDs and packages of noodles, Pentangelo said … “She didn’t want to hear the cat crying and scratching at the oven door.”

Firefighters found the female cat’s remains smoldering in the oven after neighbors complained of smoke coming from Hernandez’s apartment.

After being charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, burglary, arson, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief, Cherry was released into her mother’s custody.

Released? Cherry is 17 years old. She knew what she was doing. She should be in a jail cell or at least be forced to post bail.

This incident brings back some painful memories of a local case a few years ago where girls set a kitten on fire just for kicks. Little Adam, his ears and tail nearly burned off, ultimately survived. Tiger Lily unfortunately, did not.

Post by ILO on 06/05/09 at 3:16 pm
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6 Responses to “Bronx teen hates cats, roasted ex-roommate’s kitten”

  1. Mark Says:

    Thought you might like to know she’s on MySpace:

    I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. Let her know what you thought of her throwing a kitten in an oven.

  2. ChadSF Says:

    Aww, little miss sociopath just canceled her MySpace membership. I really hope she gets the slapped with jail time for the heinous crime she committed and while we’re at it. Why don’t we also throw her a*s in the oven and cut off her hands so she could not scratch her way out.. just like what she did to Tiger Lily. This is what happens when kids are not taught the value of life and simply allowed to act out their primitive and CRIMINAL behaviors toward another living thing.

  3. raul Says:

    I hope this perverted and sick twisted monster gets time in jail. Its clear she is a danger to society and deserves to be locked up for a long time. Also it goes to show how yellow-bellied she is to cancel her account. She doesnt value the lives of others and aggrandizes her own sense of importance.

  4. Aurora Gonzalez Cabello Says:

    es inhumano lo que ha hecho con la pobre gatita, no al maltrato animal! debe ser juzgada como adulta ya que obro como tal y no tuvo ningun escrupulo.

  5. marxd Says:

    my god. i know NYC is a liberal haven and does not punish criminals but dam. so, she’s out and at home with her mother. how sweet and what a good ending to a tragic story. i can only hope she pays. she will pay I believe. the local effect will be more harsh than a jail sentence. there are alot of cat lovers in NYC. and i suspect, a disgruntled cat lover going crazy and declaring a fatwa against her.

  6. Romina Says:

    poor stupid, i´m from Argentina, and my english it´s no good, but i want to leave my opinion about this, i cannot understand that this piece of shit is released, she must be in jail, or better, she must be punished in the same way that that little kitten died, because if she killed this kitten at the age of 17, in a couple of years she´ll be a human murderer, so ,to the judge: could you start to do something?

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