Bill Maher on CNN calls U.S. a stupid country, getting “dumber by the day”

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Bill MaherBill Maher has a politically incorrect visit on CNN today with Wolf Blitzer. Even the police and their “bad attitude” aren’t safe.

Note his play on word’s with “Stupid Country” when discussing Sarah Palin. He’s gonna catch some flack for this…

Post by ILO on 07/27/09 at 3:57 pm
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3 Responses to “Bill Maher on CNN calls U.S. a stupid country, getting “dumber by the day””

  1. yestheycan't Says:

    I usually criticize Maher on a lot of things but i’ll let this one slide, because he’s right. John Mccain would have been destroyed by Ron Paul in a debate and that is why Huckabee stayed in the race, so that didn’t have to happen. The fact that John Mccain was the Republican nominee shows that most Americans, while not stupid, weren’t ready to see through the illusion that is the msm election choices for who gets to be President. They started to though. America is waking up, is it too late? That depends on you.

  2. drowsywaters Says:

    Ron Paul would have destroyed ALL the Repub cnadidates. So they marginalized him. He scared them.

  3. Andy Says:

    Allow me to propose a suggestion for the 2012 race: Kucinich v. Paul. Let’s prove how smart both parties can be.

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