Frasier helps launch new Teabagger cable channel

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Kelsey Grammer is lending his celebrity to the launch of RightNetwork, a new cable channel dedicated to putting all of us lefties in our place.

Where’s Lilith when we need her?

Post by ILO on 04/19/10 at 4:08 pm
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2 Responses to “Frasier helps launch new Teabagger cable channel”

  1. ChadSF Says:

    Ugh! I read that he has interest in running for a CA Senate position. It’s probably not happening since he’s doing a La Cage Aux Folles revival in New York. And prior to the debut of the show he was interviewed and he did not sound like he is total support for marriage equality nor was he against it.

    I am not aware that he has made any statement of support for his Frasier co-star David Hyde-Pierce’s marriage to his partner. Overall, I can’t trust anyone who stands behind the mission of this network.

  2. Avonelle Tomlinson Says:

    Oye! I knew our politics were different, but not THAT different. OK, Mr Grammer… No more of MY support…. LOL!!! It is just ridiculous that anyone with any intelligence would support something like this!

    As usual, you do a great job Elvis!

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